The Lord Rana Foundation Trust

The Lord Rana Foundation Charitable Trust (charity registration: RCT XR15072) was originally established to promote charitable and peace-making initiatives in Northern Ireland. In 1997 the trust shifted its focus to India, funding the refurbishment of a high school, and establishing educational facilities at Sanghol, near Chandigarh, Punjab. This has expanded steadily until it is now a 25-acre campus with several institutions offering education and training from nursery level to postgraduate studies.


Cordia Group of Education Institutes

Higher standards education, training and development of personality of its students in a progressive and sustained manner;

Preserving Heritage Sites

The Trust is preserving an ancient Buddhist stupa which was excavated in 1968, and a rich treasure of 117 beautiful carved stone slabs, which includes 69 pillars, 35 crossbars, figures and figurines, which was excavated by the experts of the Directorate of Archaeology, Punjab.

Health Screening Camps

The Trust regularly organises Health Screening Camps to provide regular check ups for the poor people living in the area. The Screening camps are organised in collaboration with Major City Hospitals

Sports Meets

The Trust is conjunction with the local government authorities regularly organises meets to promote sports for the local people living in the area.

We Work Globally

International Offices

The Lord Rana Foundation Trust is headquartered in Northern Ireland but also operates from its offices in India


Meet Our Trustees

The Trustees of Lord Rana Foundation Trust

Lord Rana MBE Executive Trustee

Diljit Singh Rana, Baron Rana, MBE (born 20 September 1938) is a British politician and member of the House of Lords.

John Brian Garrett Trustee

Retired County Court Judge, Belfast High Courts, Northern Ireland, UK

Rajesh Rana Trustee

Director, Andras House Ltd, Northern Ireland UK




Ms Urmil Verma Director

Director, Lord Rana Foundation Charitable Trust, UK.


Our Objectives

Development of Education

The Trust works toward providing 3rd level education to the rural areas of Punjab. In the absence of this initiative in a rural district of Punjab, the poor children living here were deprived of university education which is only available in big cities. The trust funded a major building refurbishment and extension of a high school at village Hebowal (Punjab) in 1997-99, creating better facilities for students and teachers. As a result the school was upgraded to a higher secondary school.


Peace Initiatives in Northern Ireland and India

To Promote peace an Institute for Conflict Studies & Resolution Strategies (ICS&RS) has been established at the Cordia Education Complex (a component of Punjabi University), Sanghol, Punjab, India, and with a presence, in association with The Institute for Conflict Research (INCORE) at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, UK


Relief in Disaster Struck Areas

The Trust works towards providing relief and aid in disaster struck areas. In 2004 when a major Tsunami struck on the coasts of Srilanka and Southern India. The LRFT provided emergency shelter and later on built 2 schools to facilitate education to the poor children


Medical Facilities in Rural Areas

The Trust is facilitating the construction of a modern and well-equipped charitable hospital, the area’s first such facility.


Community Development

- Community development projects such as the introduction of computer courses for women, as well as courses in Art and Crafts. These will provide the skills needed for people to find employment and perhaps start their own small businesses.


Complex as a Role Model

In close partnership with the village Panchayat, the Trust's objective is to develop the Sanghol complex as a role model that other rural communities in the Punjab could replicate and thereby improve education, health, enterprise and general lifestyles





News & Events

27th Feb

Lecture by Prof Thomas G Fraser

The First World War and its aftermath: source of today's turmoil in the Middle East?
The India International Centre New Delhi at 7PM

and at the Lord Rana Edu City @ 11AM

5th Mar

Annual Graduation Function

Annual Graduations 2016

Lord Rana Edu City (Cordia Group of Institutes)


20th June

Inauguration of the Institute of Conflict Studies

Inauguration of the Conflict Skills Institute by the Minister of Skills and Development, Government of India. Special Guests Dr Brian Scott, Mr Brian Garrett & Prof Tom Fraser.


The Lord Rana Foundation Trust

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